Sunday, 6 August 2017

122. Kalyuga and its troubles : A time for emancipation


Pandit Brahm Sankar Misra, M.A.


            188. In accordance with the theory about the time of advent of Saints, as explained in Article 110, the fourth Yuga set in some time ago. The multiplication of terrestrial disturbances; the frequent occurrence of accidents involving great loss of life and property; the prevalence of plague which is a most powerful and terrible agent of destruction of life; the visitation of famine in increasing frequency which destroys abundance and reduces millions of souls to the heart-rending and terror-inspiring condition of starvation and destitution; the great solar disturbances which are now becoming so frequent - all these circumstances unmistakably point to the fact that our solar system is now in the fourth stage of life. As the climatic conditions of the different parts of our earth influence the constitution, the form, and the habits of the human and other animate species inhabiting those parts to a very considerable extent, in the same way the peculiar conditions of Kalyuga affect the entire animate existence of the third grand division. The ailments and the shrinkage which the material portion of that division is undergoing, in consequence of the ebb of its main spiritual current towards Brahmanda, are the cause of the troubles and afflictions we have specified above. From a spiritual point of view, however, the Kalyuga is the most suitable Yuga for the spiritual training of the highest order, as this is the time of conjunction of the third grand division and of Brahmanda with the purely spiritual regions. The troubles and ailments we have referred to may be more frequent still for some time to come, but their internal effects have already been considerably mitigated by the advent of Saints, and they are advantageous religiously also. The deterrent effect of famine, plague, terrestrial disturbances, and accidents is great; and those who are affected by their visitation naturally turn to their Creator, when no worldly assistance is possible or when it proves of no avail. Others who are not directly affected pause for a moment, so to say, in their mundane career, and the evanescent nature of the joys, riches, and ambitions of this world, as also the transitory and unreliable condition of our lives, force themselves upon their attention. Such self-generated thoughts, although they have been produced by an experience of a very bitter character, affect the innermost quarter of spirit to some extent, which is already now under higher influences in consequence of the creational ebb. The religious craving, which is manifesting itself in an unmistakable form among all nations of our earth, is due to the attractive upward impulse referred to. The manifestation of extraordinary spiritual powers and conditions created by terrestrial disturbances and accidents etc., which are becoming more frequent now, may also be ascribed to the same cause. In accordance with our theory, the spiritual current from the purely spiritual region will, at no distant date, become predominant in this world, when the central phase of the conjunction with the first grand division of creation takes place. All the troubles that we are now undergoing will disappear and a condition more ameliorating, joyous, and blissful than that of Satyuga will supervene. Spiritual powers which are now so hidden will be more manifest them, and without much trouble or difficulty success in spiritual training will be attained, and the spiritual and internal experiences of the devotee will be so many and so frequent that he will, during his life on this earth, have positive proof of his achieving true emancipation and getting location in the purely spiritual regions. When spiritual regeneration and elevation have thus been effected in the third and second grand divisions of the creation, the time for the great dissolution will come. By the time of its occurrence a very large number of entities will reach the region of pure spirituality and would become immortal for ever. The remaining entities and the creation of Brahmanda and of the third grand division will also be greatly benefited by the dissolution. A new cycle of creation will commence and the spiritual amelioration and the benefit of the two grand divisions of creation will again be provided for as in the previous cycle.


  1. Few years back I read an article that in Vedic System the age of Earth had been divided into 73 Mahayuga. We are living in 53rd or 54th Mahayuga.

  2. Troubles in present Kalyug is mainly due to downward evolution of the human brain particularly pineal gland.

  3. Unless we activate or galvanize pineal gland and connect with universal consciousness there is no hope for any betterment.