Saturday, 5 August 2017

121. Four Yugas of the Creation, Charming condition of Life and Nature in three of them


Pandit Brahm Sankar Misra, M.A.


            187. In the third grand division, which is subject to much more frequent dissolutions, the four stages, referred to above, are quite manifest and are known as Yugas (cycles). These Yugas are Sat, Treta, Dvapara, and Kali. The objective conditions of the four Yugas are in a large measure in harmony with the four parts of life described above. During Satyuga, the creational current, having freshly descended into the third division, was highly charged with the spiritual energy which it infused in every form of animate and inanimate existence. The aspect of nature was thus highly ameliorating and charming, everything contributing to the mitigation of seasonal effects; and health and plenty flourished everywhere. Physical pains and ailments, vicious deeds and impure thoughts, egotism and pride, were almost unknown. In perfect health and in the enjoyment of their existence, the human and other animate beings lived happily. Like ripe fruits, spirits separated themselves from the tree of physical frame with almost no pain at the time of death, which occurred when extreme old age had been attained. The span of life, too, was much larger than ours, and the human entities, in consequence of their comparatively greater spirituality and of the high purity of their heart, had no difficulty in getting access at times into the astral planes and holding communion with the departed spirits. This Yuga was of the longest duration and the gracious object of creation was appreciated in this Yuga by all denizens of the third grand division. How immensely greater is the appreciation of existence in the Brahmanda can be better conceived than stated! During the next Yuga too, the Treta, the condition of Satyuga almost prevailed and existence was highly enjoyable. The cumulative effect of the downward current, however, manifested itself to some extent in a detrimental form, to remove which the incarnation of Ram Chandra took place. In Dvapara, there was another accumulation of circumstances adverse to the great felicity of existence of that incarnations from the second grand division, made his advent to remove its effects. It will be observed from what we have stated above that existence in the third grand division during the three Yugas was a great boon, and in no sense a cause of complaint to the entities concerned. Those three Yugas cover more than about seven-eights of the life of the third grand division.


  1. Pineal gland (third eye) is an endocrine gland and also a sensory gland. It is considered as soul-body interaction point. In Yoga System, some believe it as Ajna Chakra and some as Sahas dal Kamal. Whatever may be the status of pineal gland in human anatomy, it occupies a very significant place in the study of science of spirituality. It is estimated that the size of human brain has been reduced to the size of a tennis ball during the last 20 to 40 thousands year ago. Pineal gland is a vestigial gland now but it was a highly developed gland during Satyug. That's why people were capable in establishing communion with the departed souls into the astral planes.Extensive research work needed in the area of downward evolution of the human brain.

  2. "during the last 20 to 40 thousands year ago" should be read as "during the last 20 to 40 thousand years". Mistake is regretted.